Hi, My name is Michael Hamburger...
My wife Leslie & I both ESCAPED the corporate rat race & now we work from home and assist others in doing the same.

FACT: We Both FIRED Our Boss in Under
30 Days With This Business Over
3 Years Ago!

July '08
We spent 2 weeks in Hawaii with over 1000 business partners!

June '08
We spent 2 weeks living on the beach in San Diego, CA

May '08 - We are enjoying living on the beach in S. Florida for the entire month of May.

Our contact number on this site will call us directly in Florida.

- please call (480) 515-9890 for immediate consideration.

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Success was definitely not something that I just blindly stumbled upon one day... Success was a choice that I had to make on my own. Nobody else can make it happen. Success is a choice that YOU have to make.

FACT: You can Create any Lifestyle
You Desire With This Business!

This business has changed our lives forever. We have a proven step-by-step system & I believe anyone can do this business.

This Is NOT MLM & or a JOB!
Are You Ready For Financial Freedom?

Either Contact Me Directly, or Fill Out The Webform at this site to learn more..

Bottom Line: We teach people how to make money. Period!

We don't motivate, inspire or pep people up.
We teach MOTIVATED, EAGER people how to make huge amounts of money using the same exact system we use so they can finally enjoy their life.

You might be thinking that you need special qualifications to open a home business of your own, that maybe you need a degree in marketing, business, or accounting. Nothing could be further from the truth! To find out if you qualify for a home-based business, simply read this list. Think honestly about each statement, and check off those that describe you.

I want to take control of my own financial future.
I want to make more money than I currently do.
I don’t feel I’m being paid what I’m worth.
I’m tired of working to make other people rich. Why not me?
I am a highly motivated, positive person.
I have huge dreams for my future, and huge income goals.
I’m ready to begin an adventure that will change my life.
I would like to spend more time with my family and friends.
I’d love to take more vacations, especially to some exotic locations.
I’d like to be part of a community of people who think like I do and who are also interested in attaining financial success and independence.
I’m prepared to put in the effort necessary to reap huge rewards.
I’d like to experience the thrill of achieving true success.

If you’ve checked even a few of the boxes, I strongly encourage you to investigate the gratifying opportunity available to you here. I’m looking for people who are ready to reach their full potential, to grow from the inside out...to be everything that they can be and feel GREAT about it!

If you are tired of the daily grind, the disappointing salary increases, the constant threats from downsizing and outsourcing, you need a business of your own where you can spread your wings and soar freely to the very heights of your capabilities.

If you are sincere, energetic, and trainable, I can show you how to earn an executive income without ever leaving your comfort zone.

I urge you to fill out the webform below for more information.


Fill out the form & contact me
directly now.

Michael & Leslie Hamburger
Direct Line: (240) 409-3489




Leslie & I have helped thousands of people change their lives. Hear their stories below!

A message from Michael:

Rick and Suzanne C.

Jerry and Sue S.

Kelly D.

Jimmy P.

Samantha D.

Our Proven












Call Me Direct: 1-480-515-9890

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Sam Crowley

Fill out the form & contact me directly now.

Michael & Leslie Hamburger

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and Stop Working Today!


Note: I hate SPAM! You're information will remain confidential. It will not be sold, rented or traded. You are going to receive a phone call from myself or one of my associates regarding our life changing business opportunity

I have personally trained some of the highest income earners in the home business arena...

"... In his first month [in this business], Michael earned more than enough that he and [wife] Leslie both quit their full-time jobs and haven't looked back on the corporate world ever since..."
- Home Business Connection Magazine

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Duplication of Success is Vital in ANY business...

The people we mentor are getting huge
results too

Our business is

We've been on 27 company trips since getting started here in March 2003
Fiji Islands...     Las Vegas...     Cancun, Mexico...     Oahu, Hawaii...     Athens, Greece...     Anaheim, California...     Fajardo, Puerto Rico...     Phoenix, Arizona...     Whistler, Canada...     Sun City, South Africa...     Kona, Hawaii...     Sydney, Australia    Cancun, Mexico South Beach, Miami    Rome, Italy   Florence, Italy   Venice, Italy   Positano, Italy   Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii Bahamas in Oct. '08    Acapulco, Mexico in March '09 

Cancun, Mexico
Michael was awarded the companies highest Leadership position about 30 minutes after this picture was taken.

Hanging on the Island of Hydra, in Greece with some business partners & friends

Fiji Islands

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Passports, Private Yachts
and This Business

The Spanish Speaking Marketplace

Considering retirement? Does that equate to a quality of life that is below how your life has been up to this point?





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