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My Story

From the desk of Michael Hamburger:

We are Michael & Leslie Hamburger from Arizona by way of Santa Monica, CA & Atlanta, GA.

For the last 4 years I have been assisting people become successful entrepreneurs in the direct sales industry. I have trained doctors, lawyers, truck drivers, nurses, stay at home moms, CEOs, corporate executives, to name a few. Are you tired of hype, BS, smoke & mirrors, and empty promises? Are your ready to find a real opportunity that will finally pay you what you are worth and a mentor to lead the way? I partner with serious entrepreneurs who believe they are ABOVE AVERAGE looking for the right opportunity.

I have the experience and results to assist you to whatever level income you choose.

We started working from home in March 2003 & created our team in October 2003 with the sole vision of creating an environment filled with support & integrity. It is our intention that anyone with desire can achieve HUGE financial results here. Since founding the team, we have witnessed our team grow drastically and watched countless members meet & exceed their dreams, goals & aspirations. We are excited to have you joining our team and welcome you to your new life.

With this exact business, both of us were able to FIRE OUR BOSSES in under 30 days & that was over 4 years ago! We've never looked back! We have dramatically changed our lifestyle using this business model. When we found this business, we lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta, GA & within 6 months we found ourselves living in a home on the beach in Santa Monica, CA. We enjoy the freedom & control our business provides. We now live in an amazing home in Scottsdale, AZ. We have traveled all over the planet: Fiji Islands; Athens, Greece; Sun City, South Africa; Whistler, British Columbia; Oahu, Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico; Puerto Rico; Kona, Hawaii. Our next adventure is to Sydney, Australia in June 2007. This will be extra special as it will be our new born daughter Jayden's first trip.

The income potential here is limitless & we enjoy an abundant & prosperous life. What we value the most is the opportunity to spend our time doing as we choose and for us that means we enjoy the unlimited family time which means the most to us. In less than 1 year with this business, we replaced our high paying corporate incomes - and many members of this team have achieved the same results. Anyone can have these results too provided you are coachable and trainable and committed to your enterprise. Our team is committed to assisting you in moving towards your goals quickly and we work hard to provide you & the entire team with as many tools possible.

Our team is a phenomenal group of record setting associates! We are proud of the fact that our team has been consistently recognized as a top leading team. We are a team that sets the pace here with the company, setting records month after month. At all the events, we attend in force and it is because of the team dynamic and the connection with other serious entrepreneurs that we are able to achieve the results we are so proud of. Roughly 1/2 of the leadership positions within all of the company are held by members of our team - This means that you will be working directly with those that are not only achieving the results you desire, you can bank on the fact that you will be learning from those walking the walk.

Fill out the request for more info below & then pick up the phone and call me @ (480) 515-9890.

To Your Success!

Michael Hamburger


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