Leslie and I have had the privilege and excitement to travel around the world because of our home business success. We have had the chance to experience things that others only dream of including working with phenomenal people who are not only our business partners, but our close friends as well. To find out how you too can achieve financial and personal success, fill out the webform at the bottom of this page and Leslie and I will contact you:

Michael & Leslie Hamburger with James Arthur Ray of The Secret
& author of Harmonic Wealth in Scottsdale, AZ (July 2008)

Les Brown & Michael Hamburger
in Rome, Italy April 2008

Robert & Kim Kiyosaki
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Sam Crowley & Michael in Hawaii
(July 2008)

Bob Proctor of The Secret,
Sydney, Australia June 2007

Cancun, Mexico hanging w/ Michael Losier, author of the Law of Attraction book March 2007

Michael & Doug Wead - founder of Mercy Corps International, former
Special Advisor to the President (Carter, Bush, Clinton & Bush) & New
York Times Bestselling Author.

Climbing the Sydney
Harbor Bridge with some of our team members June 2007)...

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge - Sydney, Australia June 2007

Michael & Leslie Hamburger w/ Lynne McTaggart, author of the
Intention Experiement in Sydney, Australia June 2007

Working from the beach in
San Diego, CA - July 2007

With world-renowned musician & speaker Christine Stevens in Kona, Hawaii

Eating dinner with world-renowned triathletes & speakers Rick & Dick Hoyt in Hawaii

Shawn Achor - Harvard Professor & Lecturer of the most popular course in Harvard's History "Positive Psychology"

Hanging w/ Phil Keoghan host of The Amazing Race & author of No Opportunity Wasted

The ONLY Dad @ Gym class - All the other dad's are probably still @ work. I'm not willing to miss out on my daughter's life!

Hanging with some of our business partners in my suite - Cancun October 2007

My Point of View • Sitting on the beach @ the Tulum Maya Spa - March 2007

Kona, Hawaii - October 2006

March 2007 • 89' Catamaran - snorkeling off the coast of Tulum (castle ruins in background)

With Bob & Nancy W. in Cancun, Mexico March 2007

Michael & Ray S.

I've personally mentored some of the highest income earners in the industry! I'm treating my team to a phenomenal weekend! Biltmore Resort Scottsdale, AZ - August 2006

With Michael Losier, author of The Law of Attraction book in
Cancun, Mexico March 2005

Puerto Rico - June 2006

The "office" - Limo - Lake Tahoe, NV

Lake Tahoe, NV

Universal Studios - Orlando, FL - 2006

Orlando, FL Jan 2006 - Having fun w/ friends & family @ a business event.

Whistler, BC - December 2005 - we spent a week in a huge suite @ the 4 Season's Resort - They have a snowboard/ski valet! Here we are with family & friends!

golf in Phoenix, AZ August 2005

8 am working from home & hosting a call - hot tub - no more cubicle life for Michael!!! March 2005

Cancun March 2005

Grand Canyon, AZ - Jan '05

Malibu, CA - Nov. 2004

snowboarding 2004 - not sure which mountain this is - notice that nobody is around - this is on a Weds. morning & everyone is @ work!

The Hamburger's enjoying the companies 4th birthday party - August 2004 Phoenix, AZ

Fiji June 2003

Santori Island, Greece - June 2004 "1 week celebration of our 1 yr anniversary"

Buying jewelry for Leslie on Santorini Island, Greece - posing w/ the owner of the store. June 2004

Greece - June 2004

Cancun, Mexico October 2003
Awarded the companies highest Leadership position about 30 minutes after this picture was taken.

Venice Beach, CA 2003
entertaining & hanging with out of town business partners

Las Vegas, NV - Aug 2003

We rented a private island in Fiji & got married here - June 2003 We had the Fijian equivalent to a US State governor brought in by boat for a sunrise wedding! In addition, we had a private chef & 2 caretakers to cater to our every desire!!! Life is good!

Michael & Leslie w/ the "staff" - private island Tivua, Fiji June 2003

Jet Boat ride - Fiji Islands - June 2003

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