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The Secret Is Out:
The Way to Personal Empowerment

The secret to success in every area of your life lies within you.
You can change your destiny.

Oprah Winfrey - a multi-billionaire and one of the most generous people in the world-featured The Secret twice on her show. Oprah said she'd been using The Secret's principles all her life without knowing it, sometimes seeing her dreams come true almost effortlessly. Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and teacher, life coach and motivational speaker, says he arrived at his enviable position in life because he knew and used the principles of The Secret.

John Demartini, a former surfer/panhandler who dropped out of school at age 14 because of disabling dyslexia, later learned the philosophy behind The Secret and graduated magna cum laude with a doctoral degree. Others who devoted show time to The Secret include Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, TheToday Show, and Nightline.

All over the world, standing-room-only seminars are teaching the principles of The Secret and showing people how to change their lives.

The Secret is literally a life-altering phenomenon that is changing the lives of people who live not just in the United States, but all over the world. The book and DVD have made the top of every best seller list, and have sold over a million copies. In an interview with USA Today, author Rhonda Byrne explained that she discovered the ancient secret to getting everything you want through her study of religious and philosophical texts. As the tagline for the DVD says, The Secret "has traveled through centuries to reach you." Byrne gleaned ideas from great thinkers and creators, scientists and philosophers, artists and writers. It is very likely that many famous people from the past knew this universal law-for example Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo DaVinci, and Abraham Lincoln.

You do not have to belong to any particular religious group to learn, use and benefit from The Secret. It's for everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, IQ, education, current circumstances or station in life. In fact, the author discovered and mastered The Secret when she herself was going through a very difficult time. It helped her turn her life around, and she is eager to share what she learned with as many people as possible. Will you be one of them?

Many people who are convinced The Secret works have watched the DVD and read the book again and again. Why? Because they say that each time they discover another secret, something new. Many who were skeptical decided it couldn't hurt to try anyway, and were simply amazed at the growth in their businesses and in the improvement in their relationships and health.

What can The Secret mean for you?
That simply depends on what you want. Let's start with getting on the path to rapid prosperity, with multiple income streams that take you from a just-getting-by frame of mind to thinking like a millionaire. It can all be yours when you learn how to attract wealth and success and surround yourself with others who have learned to use the powerful principles of The Secret to find unlimited wealth, vibrant health, fulfilling relationships, and abundant success in every area of your life.
With the combination of action and intention, you can accomplish anything you want to, no matter who or where you are or what you believe to be true about how the universe works at the present time. When you adjust how you think, your life will correct itself.

Will you make the choice to use your own free will and determination to change your life, realizing dreams you never thought possible before?

Are you concerned that you cannot let go of old ways of thinking? That old habits will pull you back into the same old rut? The Secret's teachers and others who have used it to win financial, emotional, and physical freedom have tips, tools, and strategies that will help you learn how to use the philosophy of The Secret to change your thinking-and change your life! Whatever your financial, emotional, and physical realities are now, you can improve them immensely using the principles of The Secret.

Are you willing to truly explore personal and business possibilities and goals that you previously thought were unattainable-not only abundant wealth, but true happiness, inner peace, and joy.

One of the principles of The Secret is that you must be open to opportunity. Perhaps that is why you have read this far.

This is your opportunity. You, like millions of others, can quickly learn to apply the principles of The Secret to build financial success and security by starting your own home-based business. Through personal empowerment, you can accomplish anything you want to. You will learn all about how The Secret can help you build unlimited wealth. Before long, you'll find that you'll replace negativity and resentment about your life with gratitude that you have found a different path, a different way of thinking and behaving. You'll look back and wonder who that "other" person was!

You can start out small if you feel you need to keep your regular job. You probably already have the only tools you need-a computer, an Internet connection, and a phone. As you practice the philosophy of The Secret, your business will begin to grow with such unparalleled speed that you will very likely be able to quit your regular job and devote your energies to accumulating wealth, all the time spending long stretches of time with your family and building strong relationships with other successful, positive people like yourself.

Yes, it's true. It really can happen, and it can happen to you. This is the time. This is the opportunity. Take the first step, and I'll tell you how you can begin to tap into the great universal laws to reach your full potential.

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