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Daydreams Come True
for Armchair Travelers

More and more Americans are discovering the delights of international travel.
Could you be the next to leave for an exotic destination?

Do Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests and unspoiled beaches beckon you? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre. Maybe you’re more adventuresome: A safari in Kenya, diving the Great Barrier Reef, or hiking the coast-to-coast trail in England may be more your cup of tea.

Dreams of what we’d like to do some day can keep us going from year to year, hopefully checking our airline miles and dreaming hours away surfing the Internet for information. But for too many of us, exotic travel destinations never become more than idle daydreams. We read the brochures, look at the ads, and see other people enjoying themselves on the Travel Channel. But we don’t make the reservations. We don’t go much of anywhere.

Just fill in the blank: “I’d really like to go to _____________, some day.

“Some days” have a way of slipping by with nothing to look forward to but a week of visiting relatives again or going back to the same old theme park because the kids always have a great time. With so many of us working so much harder — often doing the work that two people used to do — it can be hard to get enough time off to go on a really terrific vacation.

Then there’s the money. When you start adding up plane fares and meals and motel rooms, to say nothing of fees for the special activities you’d like to enjoy, your exciting dream adventure can seem out of reach.

A Simple Solution

If you’ve got a penchant for travel, take a look at all those million-milers in the first-class section. You know, the ones who are glued to their laptops and cell phones until the flight attendant tells them they’ve got to turn them off. You can tell they’ve traveled a lot. They know just what to do. They don’t even blink when the plane takes off and when the wheels touch down on the runway.

More than that, their trips cost them much less than you might think. Hint: First class is also called business class. Once you are in the loop, you can find deep discounts on business-class fares, and can also take advantage of travel packages at bargain prices. These include things like luxury hotels, breakfast each morning, and transportation and activity perks. But here is the best thing about flying as a businessman, businesswoman, or business partnership: It’s deductible.

According to Jeff Schnepper at, employers as well as the self-employed can deduct many expenses for convention and business travel. Convention fees, hotels, meals and entertainment, and travel expenses to and from the convention are all deductible. It’s even possible to deduct expenses for your spouse if certain conditions are met. Of course, the convention or seminar you attend must relate to your business. If you have a business making beaded jewelry and you go to a booksellers’ convention, it will be hard to explain why your expenses are deductible—unless, of course, you’ve written a book about making beaded jewelry that you’ve come to the convention to promote.

Being able to deduct so many expenses can make travel affordable for almost anyone.


But I don’t have a business—or any money!

There is one solution that works for both of these problems. It’s amazingly simple. Four words:

Start your own business.

You may be thinking immediately about lack of start-up capital, no knowledge of business, expensive meetings with attorneys, finding the right location, permits from the city planning commission, hiring employees... STOP!

You can start your own business with none of these hassles. In fact, a home business is the easiest kind to start. You don’t have to quit your current job, although you may decide to later on when you see how much wealth you can build in a short amount of time. You don’t have to rent a location or buy office equipment. You probably already have all that you’ll need—a computer with an Internet connection and a phone.

Build a business. The money will follow.

Millions of successful people have already discovered the feelings of elation that come from being self-employed. In fact, self-employment is rising dramatically. At last count by the Census Bureau, 18.6 Million Americans were self-employed. Most simply grew tired of the uncertainty and aggravations of corporate employment and decided to take charge of their own destinies.

The money your home business generates will provide the funds you need to make your travel dreams come true, and more. Owning a business will make many of your travel expenses deductible.

And let’s not discount the value of attending seminars and conferences with people like yourself who are motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit and who enjoy sharing all their tips and tricks.

Travel is not out of reach if you put out even the minimal effort needed to start your own business. But that is really only the beginning. As you gradually build your business and meet exciting new people, you will experience a new feeling of self-confidence that tells you, “I can do anything.”

With that kind of attitude... well, you can really go places!

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