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Apr '08
- we are home from our 3 week trip to Italy & business is exploding!

Mar '08
- we are enjoying a 3 week trip throughout Italy. Look @ the pics on our blog.

Feb '08
- We are currently enjoying an extended stay on the beach in San Diego, CA

- We celebrated Jayden's 1st birthday & enjoyed front row tickets @ George Winston

Jan. '08:
- 5 of top 7 income earners using our new system. The results are off the chart & total system-wide duplication rate is sky-rocketing.
- Traveled to Miami Beach, FL for training day. Leslie & I had the honor of presenting "Rising Star Awards" to several members of the community.
- Spent extended time with family & friends in Ft. Lauderdale & Miami Beach, FL.

December 2007:

New system is growing exponentially. Enjoyed family & friends during the holiday season. I think this is the least I have ever worked in the month of December with the highest income earned to date.

November 2007:
Added new business system for our team. This allows our brand new people to leverage our experience, shorten time to market & INCREASE EARNING POTENTIAL!
Took off 1/2 of month & experienced our highest weekly profit in 5 year history with this company!

October 2007:
We traveled to Atlanta for a week prior to spending 10 days beachfront in Cancun, Mexico for another business trip.

August 2007:

We are just home from Las Vegas meeting w/ our team... Larry Wingett was our guest speaker.
We're stoked that we flew there on our 1st private jet! (Bob Proctor inspired us in June while in Australia)

August 2007:
We spent a week visiting Leslie's family @ their annual family reunion in Springfield, MO. We flew on another private jet - 4 jets in 2 weeks - this is the lifestyle we dreamed of!

July 2007:
We are currently enjoying life on the beach in San Diego, CA.

June/July 2007:
We have just returned from spending 2 weeks in Sydney, Australia.

March 2007 Update:
I have just returned from spending 8 days in the Caribbean. Our company announces that Bob Proctor (The Secret) will be joining us in Sydney, Australia in June 2007.

Feb. 2007 Update:
We are so proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Jayden Ann!

Jan. 2007 Update:

We just moved into our
new dream home & are expecting our first baby any day!

Oct. 2006 Update:
We're just back from living on the beach in Hawaii!

July 2006 Update:
We're just back from living on the beach in Florida for the MONTH!

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